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Write your own Story; Change the narrative.

How can we be apart of a movement, but set ourselves apart from the misrepresentation of our issues in mainstream media ? “Narrative change” is a popular communication buzzword right now. I like to use it within the organization process like a set of tools that has been proven to help us build support and create real change. The orchestration of telling your story is where the real work lies. it’s important to have a clear goal identified: Know what you’re trying to achieve and why the change of the overall consensus narrative is necessary to win. It’s vital to research and understand existing narratives, test narratives from people with the same goal in mind and share stories we think might help us move people to take action that will aid in solving the problems we’re addressing. Always remember, authenticity counts. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs.

To develop strong messages; it is important to know the audience you’re speaking to. Identify WHO you need to move on your issue, and WHO you can actually move. These might not be the same groups, but maybe there’s a progressive base you can reach who can then be mobilized to move the elected officials who represent them.

Last but not least, the narrative change requires a lot of flexibility. You have to be prepared for your messages to possibly fail, or for them to be so successful that they get co-opted. That means regularly re-evaluating and re-strategizing as needed. Once you’ve done the advance work of identifying goals and audiences, researching, and developing messages to test, you can be responsive to breaking news and shifts in the organizing context.

These are just a couple of steps that can help you reach a broader audience, make people aware, and most of all listen to take action. Je vous remercie d'avoir pris le temps de lire.

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