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Why influencers are obsessed with “The Classic Tulle Skirt”…

I don’t know about you, but I am loving what is happening in fashion these days. The concept of ”No Rules” applys to everyone struttin’ and everything is included. Anyone with a sense of sartorial style can just wake up one morning and decide to be a glamorous femmes fatale rocking a tutu and heels one day; or pair a pin stripe suit with penny loafers to exude a more masculine persona the next…

and can I tell you… (insert syllable hand clap) BAY-BEE-GURL, I-AM-HERE-FOR-IT!

One thing I've noticed, Tulle Skirts have outlived every trend and generation including the era of the dun-dun-dun... need i say it? "The SKORT" (Still a bit shamed that I owned so many) Whether you’re attending a wedding, gathering style ideas for your maternity shoot or birthday celebration, whatever the occasion… someone is rocking "Tulle" something!

We most certainly can give major credit to Sex in the City star "Carrie Bradshaw" for breathing life back into the Tulle Skirt in the late 90's through 2000's. EVERYONE was on the hunt for A-line Tulle skirts and Layered TuTu's. While we're here, if your a stan like me, I know your ready for that reeboot "And just like that" ? I can NOT wait! Any how, that's a whole other blog... Let me stay focused....

And just like that, the Tulle skirt made a come back... I'm curious to see if they'll bring back this classic 'Carrie look" again as well. Somehow, it's the perfect balance of femininity, girly and incredibly chic. Adding it your closet just shows that you don't take yourself too seriously. Sure you might look like a pretty, overly decorated cupcake, but you can't deny it's a statement piece for any outfit. Pair it with some stilettos and a tee and your style has gone from drab, to vintage chic!

One key element to the the tutu is its length. Short layered tulle skirts can be perceived as a sexier, girly vibe while a long A-line tulle skirt gives off a more softer, sophisticated style. Either way you're destined to have a mini spot light and somehow be that talk of the room where ever walk in to...

As for style rules, if you love it, rock it. If you feel it looks good, it probably looks great. Do your thing. Re-live that 4 year old ballet dance recital moment on the dance floor with your girls! Throw it on to celebrate that long awaited promotion, and paint the town pink! I see more girls, and woman everyday unapologetically owning their style and matching energy; and if yo’re not the tulle type, deep down inside, I know you still love how it looks on others.

Although, I have to admit, there can be an inherent downside: at times, the “tulle look” can become very cliche if you don't add your own twist! Here’s some visual "tulles" to aid in your success on achieving a dope fit for any day of the week!

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