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He Blew in like “A Gust” of wind...

Hello August, my long lost summer love... seems everyone knows your name these days. All of a sudden you famous now, but it’s cool or whatever🙄 I’m still happy for your return. I was looking at some pictures before your arrival, so much has happened since you’ve been gone. I have such a good feeling inside when I look out the window and see your face, just makes my heart smile. Also means we’re getting over the hump of the summer heat. Recently, I’ve been in some serious deep thoughts; ‘Twas silly of me to even talk bad about last years entanglement... Not to worry though, I am really trying my hardest for positive vibes to take the wheel and steer clear of all the dramatics.

I’m already so appreciative of the lessons learned in the past 20 hours, let alone the entire 2020. My thought filled fears over the passed few months are in such a web of lies. I know my Faith will over come, I just have to be disciplined to stay focused over the distractions. Every year, you’ve taught me so much. This time, I know you will contribute to my peace for the rest of this year. This month is a new stepping stone for my personal goals. I will continue to grow from the words I pour into myself, and not just the words I spill into the universe. I will put more focus into self accountability to reach a new level of greatness. I want to be that woman that says she’s going to do something, and she does it. I want to be the woman that follows through with her word, and not just her intentions. I want to help others reach this personal accountability as well, with all my power, no half-stepping. #TwoSteppingToGreatness #thatisALL #letsGo #August #entanglement

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