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Iyengar Class

the WHAT

OMG fit is where comfort meets commitment, and is reflected through style. Cultivated from a group of women with a passion to help others feel beautiful during their journey into fitness.


Our overall mission is to find new and exciting ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle from home and inspire others to really love their body every step of the way.

Your body is a direct reflection of the different changes we experience in life. As we battle our habitual selves, and transition into our better beings... it's imperative that we embrace The Change, and find The Beauty in it as well. In between that thin line of Change and Beauty is the moment we truly start to Love who we are becoming because we are actually proactive with in the process, and finally holding ourselves accountable.


Allow OMG to help you "find your fit" so you can look amazing during your workouts or more importantly, Feel Good during this voyage into a permanent, healthy lifestyle change.

The best way to achieve any goal is to be prepared for what's in store. Invest in yourself with the right daily fit apparel and equip your mind and mini home gym with the right tools to maximize your journey ahead and crush your fitness goals!


the WHY

 "I really got into fitness after giving birth to my first daughter. I had a 90lb weight loss within one year and it changed my life for the better, forever! Six years later, I birthed 3 more children in the span of 4 years and I was completely distraught from the changes in my body. I felt as though I lost all progress, and I failed myself physically and mentally after each child. After covid19 lockdown, no access to my regular gym, and a lot of "eat, pray love" moments in the house, I knew I had to take back my journey and do something about it!

  Once I finally had the opportunity to build my home gym, I didn't let go. I invested in my future self and purchased everything I needed to restart where I left off, and step back into my purpose. Staying active regularly allowed me to regain the confidence I needed to become who I always knew was I meant to physically be. Not only was I helping myself to finally

"find my fit", but I was inspiring others to do the same by sharing my story along the way. By that time, I felt obligated to bring OMG fit to life.






Haute Sauna Sport Jacket

and option of matching leggings

the HOW

For the passed two years, Orijahnel has  been searching high and low for the finest quality in fitness apparel & equipment. She has hand selected each and every piece of product exclusive for OMG fit to build her own gym in the comfort of her own home. Now you can finally have all the tools you need with a click of a button to reach your fitness goals and possibly inspire others to do the same.

"Find our fit" with OMG.

Follow Orijahnel's journey back into fitness and health, till her goal body is achieved. Check her posts daily for different home workouts, FREE GIVEAWAYS health tips, cold pressed juicing/vegan recipes. More importantly tune in for updates on her full body transformation. Follow her journey on

instagram: @OMGfit_

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