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Ju-lying about your past...

Dear July, come and have a seat, we need to talk. Need I remind you what you put me through last year? I know all that chaotic madness won't repeat itself this time, correct? RIGHT!?

Twenty-twenty already has enough on it's plate, and it does NOT need any more covid carrying, conspiracy believing people at this meat eating, vegan loving virtual bar-b-que! The rest of 2020 needs a detox, an actual cleanse if you will. We can start off with a little Intermittent fasting OFF social media and all news outlets to flush the toxins. Our brains can only be exposed to so much "pandemic talk" with out slipping into a mental health episode. (mental note, add "manic monday" to your workout play list) We are overdosing on the junk food people! This entails the violence, and all the negativity. All the problems of the world without searching for any form of a solution. We are not intaking enough healthy food for thought, and positive words to fuel our mind, body and soul.

There's so many people that got lost in the sauce of their everyday lives and don't care at all that they are dripping their ignorance all over the place, just making a hot mess! Some simple advice that will contribute to this Detox; Everyone at this point should drink their coffee BLACK for the rest of the year, no sugar, no cream. I don't care how bitter it may seem. (insert brown fist)

Also, try your hardest to exercise daily. It's been my saving grace. Working out releases those endorphins that help relieve stress tremendously. When I miss two or more days of exercise, I'm so much more rigged and easily angered. I personally have started a juice cleanse today with my sister-in-law to help shed some of these unwanted "quaraTEEN" pounds. In the process, I'm also honoring my daughter Calliah Jolie by sacrificing something I truly love, FOOD. She would have been 6 years old this month. Not a day goes by that I don't think about my baby girl. She will forever be my motivation in life. I do a juice challenge annually for her which aids in the struggle of this time of year. Last years cleanse was enlightening. A lot of focused prayer. This July, I'm refocusing the rest of my year. I'm turning my aspirations into goals, and setting dates to turn those goals into plans.

Half the year felt like such a set back, literally like a slingshot. All my plans to grow my business was put on pause, but today felt different for the first time. There's something about waking up to a new day of the month. It gives you this feeling like anything is possible. As though you OWN the next 30+ days and your about to conquer a major stepping stone in your life. Today felt like a release of that slingshot and I'm being propelled through the air, skipping across the water. Wherever I may land in the end is all up to Jehovah. Welp, that's it for now. Merci d'avoir lu ceci, XO!

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