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"It's a day they will remember
forever, show everyone a face 
they will never forget..." 

Orijahnel Makeover Group

O.M.G. is a team of professional stylists with over 18 years experience that specialize in makeup, & hairstyling for any occasion.



Why should you choose O.M.G?

Why should you choose O.M.G?

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Laura Parthemer

I have known Jainel for over 8 years. We were introduced by a mutual friend (I will forever be indebted by her) I'm very particular with my makeup and like things to be done a certain way. I like perfection, and I found that with Jai.

It took me a lot of years to find

a perfect, and yes.. I mean PERFECT makeup artist! Jainel is amazing she's always on point and always accommodates her clients. I also enjoy a good talk with her while flawless makeup is being done. I ALWAYS feel

so powerful and sexy when she's done working her magic!


Stacey Santiago